Friday, December 31, 2010

The Brain Teaser: Full Solution

This is part 6. After the fold I show the complete solution for assembling The Brain Teaser.
The steps below are mostly consistent with the printed solution that came with the puzzle. Start with the piece labeled B arranged like this:

Then add one of the A pieces like this:

The next picture shows the three axes assembled together. I took the picture of the two pieces above as they were lying flat on my desk, with my camera pointing down, but it might help if you imagine that they were attached to a wall. Then you simply pull the pieces away from the wall and then slip the 3rd piece into position:

Be sure you have exactly the arrangement above. The 3rd piece can also be attached in a different orientation, where the white blocks will be pointing left instead of up. That arrangement won't work. It might just be me, but the wrong arrangement seemed the natural way for the three pieces to fit together and I only discovered the right arrangement after thinking carefully if there were other possibilities.

Now you place the special piece (labeled D in solution) into the notch on the right. Note that the special piece D is being attached to piece B.

Next attach one of the C pieces onto the opposite side on piece B:

Now attach two more of the C pieces into the notches on in front and back:

Now you must rotate the special piece D. It should leave a gap as shown:

You can now slide a piece down from the top through the gap, and then push it to the left into the notch. Repeat with the last piece, sliding it up from the bottom and notch it into place:

Finally, rotate the special piece D into the final position. The puzzle is now fully assembled:

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Hélène M, said...

Thank you so much for these instructions, as the company ones are really not clear... I bought this puzzle as a gift, but it was on sale because it was disassembled and they could not redo it. Thanks to you, I assembled it so I can give it as new for Xmas. :)

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